Embarrassed by Chef Boyardee

So I went to get our groceries today, and before I left, my husband asks me to buy him 2 cans of Chef Boyardee raviolli. WHHAAAATTTT??? Now, he knows what such a request will do to me, I can go on for hours about the grossness of it all. But what’s worse is that I’ve been reducing the amount of food we eat out of cans, due to the BPA found in the lining. No longer do I buy canned beans or tomatoes. I make my own cooked beans (more time consuming, but you really just soak and walk away, then boil and walk away), and I buy tomato sauces in jars. The only company that I know of so far that removed the BPA in their lining is Eden Foods. But their tomato products are still in BPA cans, because of their acidity levels.

Anyways, he requested these Chef crap cans because he’s going camping with his cousin this weekend, and apparently, the canned ravioli make great camp food. Really?? Ok, so I’m in the grocery store, and I walk down the aisle of canned vegetables and pastas, an aisle I rarely walk down, and I put 2 of these ravioli cans in my cart, while shaking my head. Seriously I did. It is very rare for me to put a packaged food item in my cart without reading the ingredients, and I didn’t even need to go there. I mean, I’ll clearly freak if I look, and I can’t NOT buy it, so whatever. I did check it later, out of curiousity–hey, maybe they’ve made it all natural over the years!—umm, not so much. It boasts a ‘no preservatives’ label, which what–counteracts the MSG? I don’t get it…

I actually felt embarrassed putting it out with my purchases!!! My purchases went something like this: bananas, organic baby carrot, organic romaine lettuce, acorn squash, garlic, raspberries, potatoes, grapes, green pepper, organic grape tomatoes, organic tomato sauce (in a jar!), cantaloupe, papaya, belgian endive, 2 Chef Boyardee ravioli cans. Come on!!! How does that fit?? Ugh, anyways, the job is done. Happy camping.


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