Pulled towards vegan-ism

I would so love to move towards vegan-ism (is that a word? it is now), a bit tough to do with a husband that loves to eat steaks! I’m also having a tough time wrapping my head around letting go of my culture’s food–kibbeh, djej ou riz, shawarma! Ah, that’s tough. I mean, I’ve definitely been reducing my meat intake over the past few years, and even tricking my husband by adding soy ‘ground beef’ in chillies and pasta sauces. But I haven’t cut it out completely yet…

I have also cut out dairy, circa a month ago. I fell off the wagon one weekend in Montreal, hanging with family, and ate A LOT of cheese. I can’t even tell you what my skin looked like after that. No longer am I doubting the acne-dairy link! So to save myself frustration with my acne I get around my chin, I am officially dairy-free. Not too tough to do when living in the city, and a few minutes away from The Big Carrot. Oh how I love The Big Carrot. But yes, I’m going to miss brie…and ooey, gooey cheddar…sigh…no, I can do this!

Anyways, my first attempt today to stay away from anything animal-ish was to buy egg replacers. I’m planning to make banana bread this weekend (my husband LOVES bananas, can’t say his stomach does though…eek!), and it calls for eggs. So I’ll try these replacers, and see how it goes.

Anyways, I’m still learning, trying to read a lot on vegan living, raw foods, green living, and yoga! Hope you’ll follow me on my journey towardsย  a healthier life!

My egg replacer!

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