My experience at The Keg

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I went to The Keg last night for my friend’s birthday. We went to the York St location in Toronto, which is a really cool loungy one. Anyways, I had taken a look at the menu prior to going to see what I could eat. I decided all I could have was a salad and a side of vegetables. However, my server mentioned that I could have a special vegetarian item, the portabello mushroom fajita. I was happily surprised that this option was available. On top of this, someone then came to talk to me about my dairy allergy, and showed me from a Keg manual, all the allergens that may be in my fajita. She said they would exclude the dairy items from my plate (sour cream). I thought this was a great touch.

It’s not easy trying to find dairy-free vegetarian options when you eat out, unless of course you’re going to a specialized place. But I was pleasantly surprised at The Keg! So it doesn’t hurt to talk to your server and explain to them what you need…you never know what you can get!

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