Two of my Faves: Yoga and Coconuts

I absolutely love yoga. I’ve been practicing on and off for the past 7 years, but since I’ve found Yoga Sanctuary, I’ve been totally addicted. I go to the 9:45am classes, Vinyasa and Yoga Geeks, depending on the day. Both are done in a heated room (not as hot as Bikram or Moksha though), but the Vinyasa class is pretty intense, with a touch of bootcamp style to it, while Yoga Geeks, well, is for yoga geeks. We talk throughout, ask questions, and really focus on details, such as toe alignment! (Speaking of boot camps, you gotta check out my friend’s bootcamp– Go Girl Boot Camps –they’re awesome!!!)

So I attended my regular class this morning. I’m still amazed at how great I feel after it and I needed it, after my stressful defense yesterday (passed!). If you’ve never tried yoga, I encourage you to go to one class.

It’s really important for me to stay hydrated during and after class so I always turn to the delicious young Thai coconuts (not the mature brown ones). They’re a natural sports drink full of potassium and electrolytes. I buy them by the case from Asian supermarkets and crack them open the morning of my yoga classes. I pour the coconut water (not to be mistaken for the coconut milk) into my bottle, and eat the coconut meat later in the day or throw it into a smoothie.

It’s really not that hard to get into a young coconut. The tough outer skin has already been cut off for you, so all you need to do is cut 4 slits at the top, pop the top off, and off you go!

The key is to use a cleaver, which will make all of this easier. However, before I got a cleaver, I was using an old kitchen knife, which also worked with a bit more effort, but be prepared for the damage you will inflict on your knife! I definitely put a dent in it.

Another REALLY important tip, make sure both hands are either on the cleaver or one on the cleaver and the other behind your back, so that you’re not tempted to grab the coconut as you’re flinging the cleaver around. I put both hands on the cleaver handle.

Try it out and let me know how it goes! I taught my mom yesterday and she loved it!

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