Trying it the ‘Fresh’ Way

One of my favourite restaurants in Toronto is Fresh, a vegetarian restaurant started by Ruth Tal Brown. Their food is absolutely delicious and, as the name suggests, fresh tasting. I went out and bought their second cookbook, Fresh at Home, and received their third cookbook, Refresh, as a Christmas gift. I drool over their recipes. So I decided to start tackling their recipes. Every. Single. One.

I tried the first one last week, a shake called ‘Promised Land’. I took it with me to the University and drank it while meeting with my supervisor. It was delicious and kept me full. I made it again today, but made 2 changes:

  • I added a handful of spinach for a green kick
  • I dissolved 1 tsp of instant coffee in 1/4 cup boiling water and added it to the shake. Iced coffee!

You have to try it–it’s delicious!

2 thoughts on “Trying it the ‘Fresh’ Way

  1. love Fresh. Have one of their cookbooks. I am so jealous of those that can eat there when they feel like it. I only get to visit Toronto sometimes…..


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