Sleep regression (again!) and salade Niçoise

Always a busy day with an infant! Baby Boy has been going through another sleep regression. I thought it was due to the schedule change while we were in Cuba, but it’s already been 2 weeks since we’ve been back and he’s still been waking up a few times a night. So of course I googled it at 3:30am last night. And there it was…sleep regression at around 8 months. I remember doing this at the 4 month mark, which is another sleep regression time. 12 months is another one. So that made me feel better and will help me hold on for a couple more weeks! One a night wake ups, please come back!

This morning, Baby Boy hung out in the #circleofneglect (what my sis calls it…ha!) while I cooked some apple chunks.



He loves to snack on these in his mesh feeder.


It also gave me some time to make my much needed coffee–8 month sleep regression over here! sigh. My coffee is a bit odd, but I love it! Instant coffee, almond milk, carob powder, and xylitol. Yum.


I made him a smoothie made up of water, banana, and organic wild blueberries. He drank it right from a cup and loved it! I mixed some with his cereal as well and he gobbled it up. Definitely doing this again with different fruits.


It’s getting pretty fun to experiment with different fruits and veggies for his meals. I feel a bit behind and think I’ve been a bit too conservative with what I’ve been feeding him, so I’m trying different combinations now without fear. He still hates lumpy food though, so I still need to puree it pretty well, but he can handle it a bit thicker. So we’re progressing.

What’s on for dinner tonight? Salade Niçoise! This salad is on our weekly rotation. I can’t make it frequently enough for the Mr. Over time, I’ve found some quick shortcuts to make this salad as quickly as possible. Let me know if you try it out!

Salade Nicoise

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