Meal Planning Thursday

I like to plan most of our meals for the upcoming week on Thursdays, grocery shop on Fridays, and meal prep over the weekend in little bursts. I find that it is less overwhelming when all these tasks are broken up into little chunks and I can still get some of it done while having time with the kiddos.

Breakfast is the same every day, aside from Sundays, in order to simplify the craziness that occurs when trying to get everyone out the door. Same with lunches: the combination of sides (see below) are the same for the weekdays. I leave weekend lunches pretty open, maybe have a soup in the fridge, as we are usually out and about. Dinner is different every night and I usually try to keep it high protein, low carb.

Here’s the menu for the upcoming week (March 13-19):



  • Freezer egg sandwiches (the remaining trimmed egg pieces are perfect for my 9m old once I chop it up in smaller chunks)


For lunches, I like to prepare several sides and I just combine them the night before. Easy. Simple. No fuss. I usually choose 1 carb, 1 protein, and 2-3 veggies.



Snacks (contains affiliate links)

Happy planning!

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